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Our firm is a medium to large volume firm, but our organizational structure lends itself to a style of customer service found usually only in the smaller, mom and pop sized companies. Our landlord clients enjoy the benefits of a well resourced professional property manager while also enjoying the personal touch. How do we do it?

At Allstates Property Management each landlord client is paired with a property manager that will handle everything from marketing the property for lease to moving the tenant out after the lease terminates, and everything in between. For example, your property manager will be the one that meets with you to talk about our programs and services, shows your property to prospective tenants, process applications, does the move-in and move-out, collects rents, sends late letters, coordinates maintenance, negotiates renewals.

Most of our competition uses a departmental system wherein most of the processes just mentioned would be handled by different people-oftentimes people that you will never meet personally. They don't know you and you don't know them. This causes confusion and confusion breeds discontent.

Our Staff

Jessica Sciacca
Property Manager
866-383-6268 ext 1
Shannon Browning
Office Manager / Team Leader
An expert in customer service and as a business team coordinator
866-383-6268 ext 2
Damond Collins
Panama City, Pensacola, Tallahassee
866-383-6268 ext 10
Dan Capers
Realtor / Property Manager
Dan knows Central Florida like no other. Has been in the industry for over 25 years
Darrell Jenkins
Realtor / Property Manager
Tampa Expert
866-383-6268 ext 6
Chris Stevenson
Advertisement Coordinator / Property Manager
Has been in the advertisement industry for over 10 years
Miami/Dade Broward Areas
866-383-6268 ext 305
Donna Gaddy
Maintenance Coordinator
Mary Chernati
Property Manager serving Volusia county
Volusia county expert
Daytona, Holly Hill Cocoa Beach, Titusville
866-383-6268 ext 7


Career Opportunites

Looking for a career in real estate? We can help. Don't have a license? We'll help you get started. Are you tired of those unfair commission splits? Taking a break from real estate but don't want to lose your license we can handle that too.

  • We offer competitive commissions
  • Customer referrals / leads
  • Printing / faxing / office supplies / advertising
  • Step-by-step help / training
  • Keep your license active program

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