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What about after hour calls?

We have an emergency dispatcher that takes all calls after hours and will notify the correct department if there is a true emergency on hand. We will handle it asap.

As a New Client, How do I access my Owner’s Portal?

Our concierge team will send you a welcome email with the instructions on how to access the online portal. Once you get the link it will ask you to sign in and create a password. APM offers an Owner Portal you may access 24/7.

Do you work with VRBO ?

Yes we offer some short term .

Are power, utilities and water included in my rental ?

Almost always power is not included , sometimes water/cable are included per the HOA. Just ask us!

Do you offer home sitting , plant watering , mail pick up type services ?

Yes we have several homes we manage that we house sit near.

Can you host AirBNB ?

Yes, we offer hosting.

Do you manage commercial properties ?

Yes, Typically Light Industrial and Some retail .

Can I stay in my home and you rent a room out for us ?

No, that is not in our scope of management.

How many people work for Allstates Property Management ?

As of Feb 2018 we have 12-15 agents working with us. This number changes monthly as we take on new homes and sell old ones.

Do you service Lakeland Florida ?

Yes we have several homes near Legoland and Highway 98.

Do you manage mobile homes ?

Yes, If you own the land.

Do we allow pets ?

Yes, we allow qualified pets in select properties with a pet deposit.

Do we require a security deposit ?

Yes all our properties require a security deposit typically it is the same amount as the rent.

We want to apply for a home.. how can we?

After you have viewed the home visit

Do you service Key West ?

Yes, we service Monroe county and all surrounding counties.

Who dictates the rental price ?

We do a full CMA using multiple properties in the same area. Together we look at the numbers and come up with a range. We have over 30 years of experience renting we know the market.

Are roomates allowed ?

Yes , we must qualify all of you and make sure you meet minimum income.

How do we qualify for a home?

There are a number of factors but typically we look for 3x rental income , job stabilty, rental history , credit and criminal backround checks are done.

Who takes care of the lawn?

Ultimately the tenant takes care of the lawn . Sometimes the owners include lawncare as a bonus. Watering the grass is always a tenants responsibility. .

Who pays utilities ?

Tenant is responsible for all utilities , water , cable , power unless noted in the listing otherwise.

How long have you been in business ?

Over 25 Years in Property Management and Realestate.

Who does your leases, notices and forms?

We have several attorneys on retainer that we use for different aspects of the rental process. So are always up to date with the current laws.

What happens if you need to file an eviction ?

In over 20 years in this business we’ve evicted 2 Tenants with thousands of houses managed !

When you rent out my property. How are repairs handled ?

There are a few steps before we hire a licensed and insured vendor . Due to our high volume we have pre negotiated rates to keep costs low.

What is the typical turn around time on an application ?

48-72 Hours depending on alot of factors.

Who writes your leases?

We have attorneys on staff that provide a current up to date lease with all new laws and regulations.

How many houses do you manage?

Good question, but we have no exact answer as daily we inbound and ourbound houses . We offer a full service brokerage , investing and sale dept.

Does your company take over existing propertymanagement?

Yes, this is pretty common for us we offer transition service. We can take over and manage the tenant.

Where is your office located?

We dispatch and work throughout entire state. We are primarily mobile based with several offices and property managers throughout Florida. Our main office and mailing address is located in Orlando, Fl : Please contact us for details.

How can I apply for one of your homes ?

It’s very simple go to and select the property.

Do you take section 8?

Yes with an approved voucher.

Does your company offer direct deposit ?

Yes, we offer free ACH to all of our owners.

What is your service area ?

We service every county in Florida.

Does your company offer short term rentals ?

Yes , we do . The property has to be zoned for it and the HOA must allow it. We do not offer day to day rentals.

Helpful Tips

Do we take/accept short term rentals ?

Yes, we gladly do if the rentals are 30 days and if the county and HOA allows it.

Blocked drains

If a drain becomes blocked, there are a couple of quick fixes you can try…You can typically purchase one of these tools in the hardware section of a local store for $3-$6.

Toilet won’t flush

If your toilet has become clogged, ONLY FLUSH ONCE. Continuous flushing will cause the toilet to overflow. The first step is to use a plugger to try and push the clog through. Another easily fixed flushing issue can be solved by checking the handle. Carefully lift the lid of the tank and verify that the chain is properly attached.

Electrical Issues

If you lose power inside your rental property, locate your circuit breaker. For houses, circuit breakers are often located in the garage. If the system has been overloaded, the breaker may trip to the off position. Simply flip the breaker switch to on to reset it. If the problem persistent, please contact your utility company for additional assistance.

Hot Water Problems

If you don’t have hot water in your property, your heater may be set incorrectly. Locate the thermostat and check whether the settings have been inadvertently changed. If possible, reset the tank and wait 20 minutes to see if the problem resolves itself.

HVAC Problems

If your heat or air conditioning is not working properly, first check the thermostat. Many modern HVAC systems can be reset via the thermostat. Please note, we live in a warm climate and understand the importance of air conditioning. For maintenance purposes, however, air conditioning problems do not qualify as an emergency. Please contact us via the portal and we will prioritize your request.

My maintenance issue is an emergency!

In the event of an emergency, please phone 911 for immediate help.

Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting

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